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Building a Real Estate Empire: An Insider's Guide from Zach Haptonstall, CEO of Rise48 Equity

If you're interested in real estate investment or are curious about how to make a transition from a regular job to a high-performing entrepreneur, our latest podcast episode is a must-listen. Featuring Zach Haptonstall, Co-Founder and CEO of Rise48 Equity, the episode is a treasure trove of valuable insights, real-life experiences, and inspirational advice.

Embarking on the Journey

Raised in Arizona, Zach Haptonstall had an initial career as a sports broadcaster, but life had a different plan. Inspired by his mother, a real estate agent, he ventured into the multifamily syndication world with no prior real estate investing experience.

An important stepping stone in Zach's journey was his work in healthcare marketing. Though seemingly unrelated to real estate, his job allowed him to form critical relationships with high-net-worth individuals - an asset that would later be of immense value in his real estate venture.

Zach's move into real estate was not a smooth ride, but a leap of faith. He quit his well-paying job, sold his possessions, and committed to his passion for real estate. His initial struggle, including a challenging first multifamily property deal, was a testament to his grit and determination.

Building Rise48 Equity

The real turning point for Zach was the foundation of Rise48 Equity, a real estate investment firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. The firm's focus on multifamily properties in the B and C classes has been a key driver in its phenomenal growth. Starting from scratch, Rise48 now manages over $1.4 billion in assets, a remarkable achievement in a highly competitive market.

In the podcast, Zach highlights the importance of trusting your team and developing efficient systems to manage your business. The growth trajectory of Rise48 Equity underlines the benefits of such a mindset.

An Investment Strategy that Works

The unique selling proposition of Rise48 Equity lies in its clear-cut investment strategy. The firm focuses on acquiring properties in Arizona (recently broke into Dallas) with value-add potential, leveraging the state's robust economic indicators to deliver returns to its investors.

Part of Zach's expertise lies in identifying markets that promise stability and growth. By investing in B and C class properties, Rise48 provides affordable housing solutions while ensuring sustainable returns - a strategy that works remarkably well in their chosen markets.

Advice for Aspiring Real Estate Investors

One of the highlights of the podcast episode is Zach's advice to individuals looking to leave their 9-5 jobs and plunge into the world of real estate investing. His tips for success range from understanding what kind of investor you want to be, setting clear goals, and devising a plan to meet those goals.

Zach underlines the importance of understanding the implications of your choice. Becoming a full-time real estate investor doesn't always equate to financial freedom, as many perceive. Instead, it often involves hard work, commitment, and sometimes, long working hours.

That said, the rewards can be fulfilling. As Zach points out, real estate offers endless opportunities for growth. The competition can be exhilarating, and the achievement of building a team and managing a successful firm can bring immense satisfaction.

Taking the Plunge

Zach's journey from broadcasting to becoming a real estate entrepreneur offers a dose of inspiration for anyone looking to break free from the conventional work-life structure and dive into entrepreneurship.

His experience emphasizes that success is achievable with determination, a clear plan, and an understanding of the path you're embarking on. Whether you aim for financial freedom, the excitement of competition, or the joy of building a business from scratch, real estate investing offers a path to meet your goals.

Join the Conversation

Interested to learn more about Zach Haptonstall's journey and Rise48 Equity? Listen to the full podcast episode for a wealth of insights and practical advice. From his beginnings to his successes, Zach's story is sure to inspire and educate anyone interested in real estate investing. For a direct conversation with Zach, visit Rise48 Equity's website or drop him an email at

At its core, this episode is more than just a success story. It's a testament to the power of determination, strategic planning, and the ability to adapt in the fast-paced world of real estate investing. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a novice, there are valuable lessons to glean.

If you enjoyed this post, consider sharing it with your network. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes and success stories in the world of real estate.

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